Meet Bell Razafindrabe MD, “Dr. Bell”

She provides nursing care in our outpatient clinic and peri-operative ambulatory surgery.  In addition, she oversees accounts receivable and payable for Pain, Spine & Rehab.

Hanitra Razafindrabe D.A/A.S Biology

Julie Rogers, B.A. Patient coordinator/ Assistant to the Medical Director

Misty Nachtigal R.N

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Abbie Parr, R.T. 

Dr. Bell obtained his medical degree from the Universite de Madagascar in 1993. Dr. Bell worked for two years as a missionary physician at Maluti Adventist Hospital in Lesotho, Southern Africa where, on a daily basis he performed a variety of surgical procedures that included surgical traumatism, orthopedic surgeries, tonsillectomy, thyroidectomy, prostatectomy, hysterectomy, caesarean section, tumor removal, gastrectomy, colectomy, and circumcision. He credits his skills to his ministry in a mission field.

She received her Psychology from  Kansas State University. She is the compassionate clinic point of contact and our work compensation liaison. She coordinates patient referrals and scheduling. She manages medical records and securely handles patient data and demography. In addition, she assists the medical director for professional representative audience.

She received her radiology technology training from Hutchinson Community College. She has over three years of experience in the pain management clinic. She manages pre-operative tasks and all live imaging services during interventional pain procedures. She handles insurance pre-authorization and assists patients in a variety of questions in regards to pain management. 


Relieve Pain and Disability, Optimize Function, and Promote Wholeness

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She received her associate nursing degree from Barton county community college and is a licensed registered nurse. She has over 15 years experience in peri operative nursing. She is currently the administrator of the Pain, Spine and Rehab ASC.  She takes meticulous care of our patients from arrival to discharge. In addition, she is a great wealth of practical management of a variety of painful conditions.

His residency and pain management training was completed at the Loma Linda University in southern California, after a year of an internal medicine internship at the same institution.

Dr. Bell moved to Great Bend, Kansas in 2005 where he performed thousands of successful cervical, thoracic and lumbo-sacral facets denervation or rhizotomy. His area of expertise is the outpatient minimally invasive, fluoroscopic guided procedures for the management of pain due to degenerative spine and failed back surgery syndrome. Dr. Bell is certified to perform MILD (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression) for symptomatic lumbar stenosis, Kyphon® (balloon kyphoplasty) for vertebral body compression fracture, Functional Anaesthetic Discography Discyphor® for disc disease. He has special interest in percutaneous disc decompression, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, discogram, disc denervation with biaculopasty, spinal stimulator trial. In addition, Dr. Bell offers a diagnostic nerve conduction study, electromyography, EMG guided chemodenervation using Botox for the management of spasticity and pain. As a physiatrist, Dr. Bell encourages his patient to be involved in aerobic exercise, spinal stabilization, home exercise program, and back hygiene. Above all, Dr. Bell promotes healthy lifestyle to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

Dr. Bell received Patients’ Compassion Award and Patients’ Choice Award a few years in a row since 2008. His aim is to provide cutting edge technology with personal touch in neighborhood communities of the heartland of America to keep patient at home.

Dr. Bell appears on Public Television Doctors on Call every year since 2012, which live broadcasts for public health education.
Doctors on Call 1104: Pain Management